Ryan Leong


Ryan has covered the Bay Area pro sports scene like a glove since 1998. During that time he has worked for Sports Radio Service, ESPN Radio, CBS Sports Radio, Associated Press Broadcasting, and Sirius XM NFL Radio. With over 4,000 games covered and counting, he has been there for most of the big moments in Bay Area pro sports history. That includes every Giants World Series, the 2015-19 NBA Finals, and the 2016 Stanley Cup Final. Ryan is a contributor for Bay Area Sports Wrap.

He is a proud third-generation San Franciscan and still resides in the city. Growing up in the '80s, Ryan developed a passion for sports from going to games. Now he enjoys entertaining Bay Area sports fans with his encyclopedia-like knowledge and skillful reporting. Ryan spends his limited free time spoiling his nephew and perusing old photos of San Francisco to expand his knowledge of the city's history. Follow him on Instagram: @sportscyclopedia.

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