MLB Unveils 2023 Schedule for A’s and Giants

MLB Unveils 2023 Schedule for A’s and Giants

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When the universal designated hitter was adopted in 2022, that eliminated the last bastion of what made the National League the "senior circuit" to the American League.

Tradition be damned! Now the schedule is going to have every team in each league facing the other for the first time in history.

Purists that don't like it, perhaps you'd like to see a return to flannel uniforms and stirrups. That ain't happening and if you want to see those old unis, watch this classic All-Star Game.

We already know that pitchers don't go more than six innings on average and oftentimes, can't even make it through five innings. Baseball continues to be a game of home run, walk, or strikeout. Now that those complaints are out of the way, he's what lies ahead for 2023.

The Giants will open their season on the road against the Yankees. Baseball is always an event in the big apple and with the game being seen mostly online through MLB.TV that continues to be a way to see other teams.

Many forget that the schedule used to be balanced until the 2000's. Instead of the A's playing against the Angels 19 times a season across six series, it'll now be 13 times across four total series.

The A's can look forward to visiting St. Louis and Washington D.C. in the middle of August. While that's brutal weather, they'll spend the majority of that month at home enjoying the ideal baseball climate.

Travel is also a big reason for the schedule change. Aside from a visit to nearby San Francisco in late July, along with Colorado and Los Angeles, there's only one true three-city road trip for the A's and that's welcome news to manager Mark Kotsay.

"Hopefully this can alleviate some of the extended travel that we've incurred to get interleague games in," Kotsay said. "When the west is playing the east and you've got to go back there four times. Hopefully they can balance that schedule to where, if we're going to the Mets, we play Mets and Yankees in the same trip."

In reality, the A's go to Kansas City and then to the New York Yankees in early May. They'll host the Mets for a weekend series in mid April.

As with anything in professional sports, it's all about money. Whether it's "special uniforms" for the All-Star Game or City Connect unis which the A's have yet to reveal. Hopefully it'll be more interesting than 2022 has been for either Bay Area team since they've both been big disappointments from 2021.

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