Correa debacle just another in Giants free agency history

Correa debacle just another in Giants free agency history

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To say that Giants fans are pissed off would be a colossal understatement. Pick any word you can think of at this time except those of happiness and joy. Sad, betrayed, upset, cynical, disillusioned and angry are the first words that come to mind. I’m not saying the Giants aren’t responsible for the inability to ink Carlos Correa to that 13-year, $350 million deal because they clearly are, but we all have to read between the lines.

This is not the first time the fan base has been displeased but it’s been 15 years. Back in 2007, the franchise knew that Barry Bonds was nearing the end of his career donning the Orange and Black.

The Balco scandal was ongoing and the team was simply tired of being a distraction of these allegations, albeit they sure enjoyed the money Bonds was bringing to the team. President and general managing partner Peter Magowan wanted to have a new face of the franchise. First thing on the agenda was finding someone who was friendly to the media and fans. Bonds was neither of those except on rare occasion when he felt like “being nice”.

Thanks to the internet, information is available 24/7. I did a Google search on 2007 MLB free agents and stumbled across this article. I was amazed to see that Zito ranked fourth on the list of 50 free agents, ahead of Barry Bonds who was number five.

After an offseason where the Giants failed in their attempt to land their top agent, they chose Zito. Until the 2012 postseason, that 7-year, $126 million deal was a complete bust. The deal forced Magowan into retirement, but he did answer some questions on his way out the door.

Fast forward to 2022 and the Giants seemingly have made the second biggest signing of the off-season following the decision of Aaron Judge to return to the Yankees.

Now it turns out that the deal was never finalized and the Giants medical staff had concerns over a previous back injury. Giants fans are livid because after three World Series championships in 2010, 2012, and 2014, the expectations were raised. Those title teams won with a somewhat lower payroll roster which included Tim Lincecum, Pablo Sandoval, Hunter Pence, and Buster Posey.

Baseball has also “evolved” with analytics though I beg to differ.

Pitch counts have completely dictated how starters and relievers are utilized. No one gets wiggle room anymore to finish a certain number of innings per outing or to try for a complete game if a potential no-hitter is in play. Teams also are spending more exorbitantly than ever despite the strike in 1994. Fans and media alike feel that without a big superstar, you simply can’t compete. Until last season, the Oakland A’s have been able to avoid having a big-time free agent and remained a playoff contender.

I would say that hopefully, the Giants brass will be more forthcoming about the Correa non-deal but I’m sure the team is happy they’re not on the hook for what is an albatross of a contract. Although nobody wants to see Correa get hurt, you can bet the Giants organization is keeping their fingers crossed that Correa disappoints the way Zito did. Either way Giants fans, you can only look ahead to what’s next and that’s the 2023 Giants.

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